Mary hardy – Collecting Intimacy



Space, our house, how we live within space and how our home and space shape us challenges the consideration of the way in which we view our home and life, providing a deeper, more intuitive association with the spaces we reside in. ‘Collecting Intimacy’ considers Gaston Bachelard’s philosophical writings in The Poetics of Space which covers a theoretical study of the psychology of houses; describing the ‘home’ as a space for privacy, inspiration and creativity; that when a human being finds shelter it comforts itself with the notion of protection (Bachelard 1994). In response to Bachelard’s lyrical inquiry into the realm of metaphors, meaning and the imaginary, this project closely operates in the theory of personal space and the body’s relationship to space acquiring an understanding and position in the 21st century. The artist within us and amongst us shares intimacy, revisits one’s relationship to humanity, nourishing society with one’s inner understanding.